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Industries & Services

Hickey, Hauck, Bishoff, Jeffers & Seabolt PLLC provides a wide range of services for clients in a variety of industries. Our approach involves understanding the business objectives of our clients so that we can deliver legal solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Internal Investigations

Equally adept in the boardroom and the courtroom, the attorneys at HHBJS have extensive experience conducting confidential internal investigations involving highly sensitive matters. Learn More

Automotive Supply Chain Counseling & Litigation

No other industry in Michigan generates as much need for skilled and seasoned legal counsel as the automotive industry. Our Motor-City based lawyers have decades of experience counseling and representing suppliers and automakers in virtually every aspect of the industry, from high-stakes products liability class actions, vehicle recall campaigns, government investigations and troubled supplier litigation, to supply chain and contract disputes. Learn More

Privately Owned Business Disputes

Owners of privately owned businesses often encounter intracompany disputes that arise as a result of their capital and management structures. Shareholders in corporations and members in limited liability companies often serve as their company’s principal management level employees. They often wear several hats which expose them to special risks and require that they abide specific duties and responsibilities controlled by state laws.   Learn More

Employment, Trade Secret & Non-Compete Counseling & Litigation

HHBJS works closely with clients to ensure that they have established policies and practices that help avoid costly employment disputes and litigation. We counsel clients through difficult employment issues to ensure that, if litigation does occur, they are in the best possible position to successfully defend the claim. Learn More

Class Actions

Class action lawsuits create risk and challenges for businesses that can easily overshadow the underlying merits of a particular dispute. Companies’ reputations may be called into question and public relations issues abound when there are challenges to new products and ongoing business practices. And the cost associated with such litigation – particularly with respect to e-discovery – often outpaces that of any regular case. Learn More

Insurance and ERISA Disputes

We have decades of experience handling complex and unique commercial disputes in the insurance industry. We have helped policyholders and insurers address claims related to coverage, breach of contract, trade practices, fraud investigations, and allocation of risk. Learn More

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes arise in every industry sector but all share a defining feature – they are disruptive to your business. Our lawyers have defended and pursued breach of contract claims for decades, on behalf of Fortune 500 and family-owned businesses alike, in industries ranging from automotive to professional services. Learn More

U.C.C. Sales Disputes

Above and beyond the experience needed for contract disputes, it takes particular expertise to litigate conflicts under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”). These disputes go to the core of any manufacturing company’s business – transactions in the supply chain. Learn More

Healthcare Industry Counseling and Disputes

The healthcare sector is under significant regulatory and economic pressure. Decades-old business practices and economic models are changing. With change comes conflict. Litigation lawyers are effective at handling healthcare-related conflicts only if they have a deep understanding of how this unique industry works at the grass-roots level. Learn More

Construction Litigation

HHBJS lawyers have represented contractors, construction managers, architects, and engineers in some of the largest construction projects in Southeast Michigan. Learn More

Manufacturer Sales Representative Disputes

Michigan has one of the most robust statutes involving manufacturer sales representatives in the United States. A party who prevails under Michigan’s statute may be entitled to recover double damages and attorneys’ fees. Learn More

Mediation and Arbitration Services

The members of HHBJS are regularly chosen by their peers and members of the judiciary to serve as mediators and arbitrators in some of the most complex and difficult cases. Learn More