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Contract disputes arise in every industry sector but all share a defining feature – they are disruptive to your business. Our lawyers have defended and pursued breach of contract claims for decades, on behalf of Fortune 500 and family-owned businesses alike, in industries ranging from automotive to professional services.

Our goal in these fights is to eliminate that disruption as efficiently as possible. And we know that the key to success is to make sure we understand precisely how your business works and how the contracts at issue impact your operations and relationships. Our appreciation for the real-world implications of the dispute helps us tailor your litigation strategy as effectively as possible. It might mean filing an emergency lawsuit to gain immediate leverage through an injunction or instead to plot a more measured approach in a confidential arbitration.

Our lawyers also have as much experience drafting and reviewing contracts as they do litigating them. We can help you spot potential issues in your contractual relationships in order to develop a strategy for dealing with opposing parties to head off litigation whenever possible. Examples of HHBJS lawyers’ experience includes:

  • Represented a major health system in a multi-million dollar dispute with a physician group over a professional services agreement;
  • Represented a Michigan based technology company with contract manufacturer concerning alleged breach of supply contract.
    Represented an HMO in a dispute over a third-party administration contract involving all aspects of the health plan’s business operations;
  • Defended a financial consulting firm in a dispute arising out of a brokerage and consulting contract;
  • Handled numerous franchise disputes in the petroleum marketing and restaurant sectors;
  • Defended one of the nation’s largest wire manufacturer’s in a dispute involving a requirements contract;
  • Represented a homeowner in a construction contract dispute involving a two-story addition on a large estate;
  • Represented a Michigan based technology company with contract manufacturer concerning alleged breach of supply contract;
  • Represented an After-Market Vehicle manufacturer in a dispute over the terms of an alleged joint venture relationship.